‘Commuting Neural Nets’ is a play on words that represents Silicon Valley’s contrasts and contradictions: ‘Neural Nets’ are complex models used at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, while ‘Commuting’ refers to the countless hours we spend sitting in traffic, and other local social issues.

We started this brand to juxtapose the incredible genius of individuals here in Silicon Valley, both immigrants and locals, against our collective frustration at problems caused by our outdated local infrastructure. 

Whether you are stuck in traffic on the 101 or 280, riding the Caltrain South Bay up to SF, taking the ferry from Alameda, or paying $5+ for just a quick ride on MUNI or BART... everyone in the Bay loses countless hours of their lives commuting. And this is just one example - think about Northern California's rampant homelessness, disastrous wildfires, and a skyrocketing cost of living.

What would happen if the brilliant minds here stopped building the next SaaS unicorn*, and instead decided to tackle Silicon Valley's more human challenges?



* or cloud productivity tool, no-fee digital bank, tech-enabled life insurance, fake tofu meats, a CRM platform exactly like Salesforce, Automation-as-a-Service (ASS), Napa Valley wine-rating platform that raised $1B from "top-tier VCs", an "AI" image recognition company that hires 3rd-world-country labor to manually identify images, etc.